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OZUK Web Development Services

OZ-UK Web Development offer many services ranging from domain name registration to e-commerce development. We can offer everything you need to design, develop and market your company via the internet. Please see below for more detailed information.

OZ-UK Web Development Services
OZ-UK Web Development Site Design service

Our web site design team specialise in creating attractive, easy to navigate, money making web sites. One of our main philosophies is to make a web site that is easy to navigate, quick to download, is informative and that the user can always find the relevant information quickly and easily.
We don't just create 'good looking' web sites, we ensure that every aspect is user friendly; beneficial to your business and helps you get the most out of the internet.

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As part of our design team, we are now concentrating on database driven web sites especially for larger sites like online shops. we have chosen MS SQL database technology for this application as it offers a host of additional benefits to the client and then passed on to the most important person of all, your customers.

For more information call us on (0161) 343 3303

OZ-UK Web Development Marketing service

Making money is the most important aspect of business. That's why we develop web sites that help make you money. What use is a well 'designed' web site if it doesn't generate revenue for your business? marketing via the Internet is very similar to marketing on the ground. in fact what you do on the ground, you do on the the net. There are literally hundreds of techniques that can be tried to promote quality traffic to your website. We have many ways in which to help new and existing clients achieve their online goals. But it takes patience and hard work to get there!

Oz-UK Web Development develop web sites with business in mind. Ranging from online brochures to full online shops where users can purchase online via an encrypted and secure page. If you want to get the most out of the internet for your company, you need to speak to OZ-UK. Call us on
(0161) 343 3303

OZ-UK Web Development Domain name registration

A domain name is the address used to access your web site online. You may have seen domain names such as www.google.com or www.ukonline.gov.uk These are both examples of domain names. Here at OZ-UK we will help you find the perfect domain name for your business. Whether it be a (dot) .com or a (dot) .co.uk, the principle is the same. It is our job to assist you in deciding on what name to register and how long to register it for.

For more information call us on (0161) 343 3303

OZ-UK Web Development Website hosting

Once OZ-UK web development have worked with you to develop your web site, you will need to think about how other users are going to access the site. This is what hosting is all about; the place where the web site will be 'stored'. Hosting plans are usually based on a 12 monthly agreement and include email address based on your domain name i.e. Sales@yoursite.co.uk and also are responsible for housing your databases and secure information.

For more information call us on (0161) 343 3303

OZ-UK Web Development e-commerce development

E-Commerce, aka 'Shopping Online', is one of the fastest growing areas of the internet and is something OZ-UK is heavily involved with. Our team can develop an online shop for your business that not only allows users to view and decide what products they wish to buy, but also allows them to purchase the item that moment online. Your company could be making money while you sleep. If you think you could benefit from our e-commerce services or would like more information, please call us to arrange a meeting on

Please call us to arrange a meeting on (0161) 343 3303

OZ-UK Web Development search engine submission

One of the most common 'Buzz words' around these days is 'Search engine submission and optimisation'. In plain English, this means helping you get your site listed by major search engines such as Google and Yahoo etc. We will prepare your web site to be submitted to these search engines and once ready, will submit it to all of the major serach engines.

Not only will we optimise and submit the web site, we will provide you with ranking reports and information on which engines you are doing well on. search engine optimisation doesnt happen over night. It takes time and listening to our advice to make sure the content (text) is written correctly not just for your potential customers but also for the search engines as well.

For more information call us on (0161) 343 3303

OZ-UK Web Development Site maintenance

As with any good vehicle, regular maintenance is necessary. Your web site is no exception. Web sites that are not regularly maintained and up-to date will tend to drive business away rather than attract it. Our maintenance contracts don't just include updates to the web site. They also include face to face meetings to discuss the present needs of the business, advice on internet matters that may concern you, and advice in online marketing. As well as this, our friendly telephone support team are available 9-5 Mon-Fri to answer any queries you may have

For more information call us on (0161) 343 3303

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