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The effective use of e-mail is very rarely carried out in business today, most people think of "spam e-mails" like cheap drugs and weight loss etc. Using a structured professional e-marketing campaign from OZ-UK is like having a second chance at your customers, time and time again but in a professional, polite and legal way.

What are the main benefits of a structured e-mail campaign?:

When re-marketing to an existing client/customer base, it is important that you remember the following things about your customers. :

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Reporting and Measurability
Each campaign is monitored for 7 days, e.g. the server that monitors the e-mails will calculate all click through links, opened e-mail formats, unsubscribe numbers etc. A report can be sent to the client at the end of this time to provide them with an essential and in depth look at trends and popularity of certain targeted products or services.

Remember marketing should be an ongoing and structured plan that is accountable and well thought out, you can try many things but not all will work straight away, it takes time and effort on both sides but implemented correctly, you will benefit over time from this type of active marketing.

Examples of E-mail Marketing Templates

Animal Mad  ozukweb development portfolio Streamline Communications have used e-mail marketing to over 5,000 potential clients to increase their exposure in what is a very competitive market place. The campaign is run over 12 months and has different themes and products on offer for each month.

The results are an increase in quality leads and a database that is listening to what Streamline has to offer.

If you are interested in finding out more about the benefits of e-mail marketing please ring our office on 0161 343 3303


Designer Stitches  ozukweb development portfolio

Onlinetrophies are the Uk's leading supplier of Trophies and awards for every concievable occasion. The Onlinetrophies web site is an e-commerce site where users can buy a multitude of products online, ranging from budget cups to prestigous awards.

If you are interested in finding out more about the benefits of e-mail marketing please ring our office on 0161 343 3303


E-Mail Marketing FAQ's

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